Tips to Maximize Tight Closet Space

Storage space can be a real commodity in some homes. Especially if you live in an apartment. It is key to maximize all the storage space you can. One area that you really need to be organized to increases storage space is your closets. You want to be able to keep everything in your closets, so the rest of the house will look neat. With these, few organization tips below your tight closet space will go a lot farther and be able to hold more. This will save you the headache of figuring out where to put things. Also, by having organized closets you will be able to find things easier and things will have a home when it is time to put them up.
The first area where you can gain more space for your closet is by using the back or inside of the closet door. You can do varies things to the back of the door to make it useful for you. You can a hanging shoe holder for example and put all your shoes in it. If this isn’t for you, then you can put hooks on the door or a small bar. You can then hang some clothes or jackets on the back of the door. If you go the bar route, then you may think this will affect the door closing, and it might so be sure to measure first so the bar doesn’t stick out too far. Also, with using the bar it is good to have hangers that the hooks swivel, so the clothes can lay flat against the door.

Another way to maximize space in your closets, especially when it comes to shoes, is to get small storage bins just big enough for each pair of shoes. You can see thru them, so you know what pair of shoes is in each one, but yet they stack neatly, so you can put more pairs of shoes into a smaller pair of space and they aren’t a jumbled mess. Clear storage tubs can come in handy for other closets as well. You might consider using one in your pantry to store the different spice containers. That way all the spice containers are in one spot so you can easily find which spice you are needing when cooking and you don’t have to use counter space to store your spices.

Shelve dividers is another essential item for organizing closets. If you are using them in your bedroom closet, then they can keep stacks of folded shirts from falling over. They also work excellent for keeping pursues upright. For other closets, they work well for keeping binders in order or even games. There really isn’t much of a limit to what shelve dividers can be used for. By creating specific spaces for different things it helps you to put things back the same way so you don’t end up running out of space. I am sure everyone at some point has run into the problem of taking multiple things out of the closet at once and then not being able to get it all back in once done. Well, creating specific spots for things gets rid of this problem.

Get under shelf baskets. I am sure your closet has wasted space below the shelves where there is nothing there because the stack on the lower shelf isn’t that tall. Well, with an under shelf basket you can hook it onto the above shelf and then store things below it. This works really good for small things like socks or undergarments. Also, you can add hooks to your closet for kind of a similar effect. Maybe you have space up high in the closet that isn’t being used. Well put a hook there and hang something that isn’t used often. Things like suitcases can be hung towards the top of the closet where they are out of the way, but yet you know where they are when you do need them.

Customizing your closet is the final way to get ultimate organization. If you have a good idea of everything that is going to go in that particular closet, then you can draw a sketch, measure, and design built-ins specifically for the things going into that closet. You can put hanging bars in just the right spot to hold as much as possible without having dead space below them. You can put the shelves in the most effective spots, and you can build cabbies for things. By customizing your closet you can have it designed perfectly for everything you want in the closet.

Small closets can be a pain, but they don’t have to be. Using these tips it will help you get organized which in turn will help you maximize the space. Planning out where to put things in your closet is one of the best ways to store as much as possible in your tight closets.