Best Way to Organize Your Kitchen Pantry

A kitchen pantry can be defined as a room where you store your food, beverages, kitchen dishes, linens, provision and household cleaning chemicals. A kitchen pantry serves in an ancillary capacity to your kitchen. Organizing a pantry is not hard as it may sound, below are tips on how to organize your kitchen pantry.
Invest in Clear Containers and a Labeler.
Clear containers and labelers are very helpful when dealing with bulk-bin items for example nuts, grains, and rice. They help you avoid forgetting about something you bought and tossed it in the pantry. Also, it saves you money .i.e. you don’t get to buy the unnecessary ingredient, still you get to use your staples more promptly.
Assess Your Kitchen Pantry Every Week
Keeping your pantry organized and in good shape can be made even easier by you taking some time probably once a week to assess and rectify where the pantry may be disorganized. Organizing your pantry should be part of your meal-planning routine where you take some minutes to carry out a quick inventory. The best way to avoid buying multiple same ingredients is by knowing what is in your kitchen pantry at a given time. For instance, you may decide that you will be checking what is in your kitchen pantry before making a grocery list.
Group Like with Like Using a Sheet Pans
Both multi-purpose and heavy-duty hotel pans and sheet pans make very good organizers. They help you to easily group together like ingredients and also make sure you are able to control or contain any inadvertent leaks or spills. When you group same ingredients in your kitchen pantry in smaller boxes, it makes the cleanup easy because in case a package or a bottle leaks, you will just need to pull out the container saving you the need to clean the whole shelf.
Compared to the plastic boxes, sheet pans makes very good organizers since they are multipurpose and heavy duty. In fact, you can cook in them. Also, in case you are using wire shelves, sheet pans will prove to be great liners .i.e. help boxes and jars stand upright without falling.
Take Ten Minutes Every day to Keep Your Kitchen Pantry Tidy and Clean
A kitchen pantry that is cleaned every day will just take a few of your time to make it tidy and clean. Make sure you wipe down pantry shelves, remove the expired items, group like items together, make sure the package labels face outward and are visible every day, and this will leave you with an always-clean kitchen pantry.
At times we don’t have the time to conduct a full overhaul of our kitchen storage, however, you can still make a large difference with your kitchen by cleaning it for just ten minutes. Below are steps to tidy your pantry in ten minutes.
Face all labels out
Labels help you tell what you have in your kitchen pantry, make sure you face them all out, stacking like items on top of each other. This will make sure you have extra visibility of your pantry.
Group Similar Flavors and Items Together
Grouping together similar flavors and items make it easier for you to hop in your pantry and pick every ingredient you need for your recipe without disorganizing your pantry because you can’t locate some items.
Wipe Down the Shelves
When was the last time you wiped your kitchen pantry shelves? Well, debris and dust fall easily in the pantry so make sure to wipe them using a damp rag. Maybe you are wondering where the dust comes from, remember the grain and flour do produce dust and light coating of flour respectively.
Check the Expiration Date
The opened packages in your pantry may not be up to date, so always remember to check anything with clip, binder or tie to be sure. In case an item is expired, it should be removed from the pantry.
From Your Ingredients, Make a Meal list
This is mostly done when you are straightening your goods, you just have to make a list of meals that you can make using the ingredients currently in your pantry.
Re-stack Dishware
For those people with pantry that has a food and dishware spaces, make sure to wipe the bowls, straighten your plates and put back the cake plate at its right spot.
Make Use of Household Items to Give Your Pantry more Storage Space.
Make use of space-savings racks, crates, magazine racks and pencil holders to help you create more space in your kitchen pantry. Such household items are inexpensive but provide a smart way to add more storage to your kitchen pantry.
As I conclude, I bet you agree with me that you get to prepare food faster when you can easily locate ingredients you need from your pantry. Follow the above ways and I am sure you will enjoy using your pantry and make your cooking more fun.